ITEAC I 19. bis 20. September 2023 I London

ITEAC 2023


19. bis 20. September 2023


London, Great Britain

Contact person

Ingo Kleinert


What is ITEAC?

Created to promote discussion, learning and best practice, this conference exists to help avoid mistakes in the design and specification of performance spaces.

With international contributions from Hong Kong to Paris, New York to Seoul, the debate will draw on global experience and a broad and diverse range of perspectives to achieve a truly worldwide conversation.

It is also the place where we can collectively consider what will be needed to support great performances and the event spaces for years to come. Coming together allows us to share all the experience gained to date with the ambition and innovation with which we shall create the future.

Why attend?

ITEAC is an inclusive and welcoming space, not only for those engaged in the design and construction of performance spaces – architects, consultants and engineers, as well as acousticians, technicians, owners and contractors – but also for those who create the art; those for whom the spaces must work and whose needs must be heard and understood.

We welcome both the established and new generation practitioners to engage collectively in these important debates in person and also to forge lasting collaborative relationships.

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