Company profile - stage technology

    SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH is part of a corporate group, where each company stands for a particular competency, i.e.:

    SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH - engineering, project handling, installation, service, stage-related control systems
    SBS Metalltechnik GmbH - manufacture of drive technology, mechanical engineering and steel based stage technology
    SBS Dresden GmbH& Co. KG - commercial services for the group and management of the property

    The group's competencies are drawn upon as the business at hand requires.
    SBS Bühnentechnik GmbH, active all over the world, has competent partners in various markets, such as subsidiaries in Russia, Hongkong and Oman as well as co-operation partners in China and Vietnam.


    Only your fantasy limits our engineering.

    We want to justify your confidence in us with perfect technical solutions that are embedded in a service deserving the name. Competent engineers and technicians at SBS live up to this philosophy from development to start-up.

    Teamwork is the basis of our order handling. The claim to provide optimal service for the customer at all times is put into action by the effective co-operation of all departments under the supervision of experienced project managers.



    The Beginning

    A steel and metal construction company is founded. Throughout the twentieth century, SBS builds steel structures, roofs, radio towers, bridges, and beginning in 1912, theatre stage technology too.



    First stage technology

    Mit der Lieferung und Montage der bühnentechnischen Ausrüstung für das neue Schauspielhaus in Dresden nach Konstruktionsplänen von Adolf Linnebach.

    Complete provider

    In March 1999, development of a new kind begins - qualitative as well as quantitative. SBS enters theatre stage technology as a complete provider offering mechanical engineering, stage technology, and control technology from a single source.



    National Theatre Beijing

    In 2002, SBS wins the competition of the largest stage technology project of its time worldwide: the Peking National Theatre. Cities like Hangzhou, Henan, and Wuhan, follow Peking. Russia, Vietnam, Oman, Lithuania, and Belarus follow China.

    South America

    Growth in new markets combines with presence on familiar turf in Hamburg and Basel, Copenhagen and London, Berlin and Bruges. In early 2010, America follows Europe and Asia - with the Teatro Colòn in Buenos Aires.





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