Saarländisches Staatstheater GmbH (Saarland State Theatre) - General refurbishment of the stage technology



    Saarbrücken - Germany




    2012 - 2013 The stage machinery – partly dating back to the 1930s – of the Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken was replaced in the period from April to November 2013. The old machinery, including the hydraulic system, was dismantled and replaced by a complete overstage machinery (with over 80 drive axles) as well as an understage machinery (with 4 stage podiums, 5 sidestage trolley systems and a revolving carriage). Our COSTACOwin® control system was used to provide a user-friendly and secure operation of the stage machinery.

    A total of approx. 200 tons of steel was dismantled and 500 tons newly installed.

    In addition to the short realisation period, the greatest challenge was to be found in the complicated site logistics, the limited storage space and the building activities concurrently taking place upper and lower stage.

    The reopening of the theatre was celebrated on 24th November 2013 with the premiere of Tosca.

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