National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus



    Minsk - Republic of Belarus




    Opera house

    2007 saw commencement of the urgent reconstruction of the traditional Minsk National Theatre, opened in 1939, maintained in the architectural style of the ruler at the time, Stalin.

    The construction work includes restoration of the entire building. SBS installed the entire stage equipment, starting with renovation of the fly loft and grid, to the entire overstage equipment, to the complicated understage equipment with various stage wagons. These are 32 different units made up of a total of 229 individual machines. Apart from the computerised overstage machinery equipped according to Western European standards, the core piece of the stage is also computerised, hydraulically operated machinery on the main stage. The main podium system comprises 20 individual hub podiums (draughtboard) each with 2 platforms (adjustable platform span and rotatable upper platform). In the rear stage is a 16 x 15 m double-storey hub podium used to store the revolving stage wagon and ballet wagon, also hydraulically operated.

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