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    3D-Software VISTOR

    Our 3D software VISTOR – The virtual stage director - offers you a realistic early impression of what your upcoming performance will actually look like. VISTOR works with your own stage machinery and lighting equipment.
    The 3D visualization covers all elements, the stage machinery, the stage design and scenery, the lighting, the stage area and the auditorium.

    Advantages of VISTOR visualization:

    • real-time visualization
    • all details shown with extreme precision
    • any viewing angle you desire
    • simple management of scenery (scenery import)
    • collision recognition between all elements
    • physical simulation close to reality
    • simple management of complete performance and individual scenes (import of scenes)
    • diverse viewing angles
    • possibility of overlaying visualization with a real camera image
    • optimal integration of stage designs for guest
    • performances and roadshow equipment
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