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    Taipeh - Taiwan





    Taiwan’s most prestigious theatre was opened in 1987. It offers space for 1,524 visitors. The building also enjoys an outstanding international reputation, not least because of its commitment to preserving classical Chinese theatre arts. It was decided in 2015 to carry out extensive renovation work, and SBS won the international call for tender. In addition to the challenging range of services involved, the special attraction of the project was the associated tight schedule and the unknown local peculiarities in particular. In just eight months, the entire old machinery was dismantled and removed, and 96 new overstage machines and 42 new drives of the understage machinery were assembled and put into operation. The computerised control system COSTACOwin® was installed for all stage equipment. On 3 March 2017 the Taipei National Theater project was handed over by SBS and the theatre opened its doors again for regular performances and events.

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