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    Reutlingen - Germany




    Concert House
    The core of the new town hall is formed by the large hall with seating for 1689 spectators, suitable for concerts. The movability of the floor of the hall in two positions enables different uses: on the one hand, a level hall for exhibitions, conferences, banquets and other large social events and, on the other hand, ascending seating for concerts, performing arts and all forms of large meetings. To move the floor of the hall, the complete area is raised by approx. 4 m at the rear using 5 rigid chains, coupled through a lifting beam. The front of the hall surface is attached to a swivel base. In the top end position, the audience can be accommodated on the inclination. Below the platform automatic retracting support systems, locked in the end position, provide the required stability for this form of utilization. Actuators below the hall provide the "automatic" alignment of the levels. The adjustment procedure can be realized within approximately 10 minutes.
    In the area of the stage, there is the option to reduce the volume of the hall using a movable proscenium bridge. Thereby, it is also possible to simultaneously establish a "proscenium stage", by extending telescopic cover plates (blinds). The proscenium bridge has a travel range of 36 m, which equates to the total length of the hall.

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