Control engineering

Customised solutions for industry-specific requirements.

Our control system makes it easy and comfortable to operate stage machinery.

The COSTACOwin® control system includes the entire package of hardware and software for controlling all the drives on the stage. It controls all the movements of the machinery above and below stage and the stage equipment, including custom drives. The system supports all types of drives, whether these are electrically or hydraulically powered, variable or fixed speed.

We have developed the control technology ourselves, adapting it to meet specific industry needs. The COSTACOwin® control system has been used successfully since the 1990s and is under continual development.

COSTACOwin® is now used all over the world in more than 100 theatres, controlling a total of over 10,000 drives in more than 20 countries.

The modular design ensures the highest possible availability and flexibility without compromising safety.

The control system is certified according to DIN EN 61508 and meets the requirements of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

Stage control COSTACOwin®

The solution for controlling stage technology systems.

COSTACOwin® software is an ideal user interface for daily work in the theatre. The touchscreen-based solution is straightforward and intuitive to use, even when programming complex transformations or integrating external systems such as lighting, audio and video technology. The modular software architecture can be adapted to the specific on-site equipment and customer needs without any risk.

3D-Software VISTOR

Your virtual stage director.

Our 3D software VISTOR offers a realistic early impression of what your upcoming performance will actually look like. VISTOR works with your own stage machinery, control system and lighting setup. The 3D visualisation covers all elements from the stage machinery, the set, scenery and lighting to the stage area and the auditorium.


  • Realtime visualisation
  • Any viewing angle you want
  • Collision recognition for all elements
  • Simple management of complete performance and individual scenes
  • Possibility of overlaying visualisation with a real camera image
  • All details shown with extreme precision
  • Simple management of scenery (scenery import)
  • Highly realistic physical simulation
  • Diverse viewing angles can be selected
  • Optimal integration of stage designs for guest performances and roadshow equipment