Semperoper Dresden

Exterior of the Semper Opera House in Dresden I © Leonid Andronov (Fotolia)

Project duration

1995, 1998 - 2000


Dresden, Germany




Stage machinery, control system, customer service

Dresden’s Semper Opera House was officially reopened on 13 February 1985, exactly 40 years to the day after its destruction. While the façade, foyer and auditorium were carefully rebuilt following the historical model of 1841, the main stage was greatly enlarged by the addition of two side stages. During the summer breaks of 1998-2000, SBS extensively overhauled the drives and control systems of all stage machinery.

The upgrading included work to ensure that all equipment met with modern safety regulations, the installation of a modern control system to improve operating safety, ease of use, synchronisation and repeatability. In addition, a new point hoist system was installed.

Motorised hoists | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Fly loft and portal bridge | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Scenery elements I © SBS Bühnentechnik
View from the fly loft with the proscenium bridge I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Control desk | © SBS Bühnentechnik
Draughtboard podiums I © SBS Bühnentechnik
Point hoists | © SBS Bühnentechnik


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